Criteria to select right executive search firm

The ROI and profit of a company to an extent considering other factors also relies upon skills, efforts and performance of its executives. A good executive search firm equip an organisation with most talented executive and staff. It goes hand by hand with HR department and senior executives of the company in providing them with the best of the educated, talented and well experienced professionals from the job market. A right executive search firm proves to be of great assistance in period of excessive competition between rival companies not only for the market capitalisation but also for hiring the best professional to serve the organisation.

The company’s quest to hire the most talented from the market comes to its very end, the very moment it selects a wrong executive search firm for its HR requirements. There are many ways to choose a good job consultant to for induction and hiring requirements of a company.

Develop know-how about working of job firm: Before going to a job consultant develop a lateral knowledge about working of an executive search firm. This helps a company in determining the firm meeting best to a company’s requirement in a timely and professional way. It is different from traditional consultancy firms. The consultancy firms are known for completing their task in hurry by colleting and short listing from a large pool of resume for the most appropriate candidates. They are paid after filling a position suggested by them.

Contrary, executive search firms are hired by client companies and work as senior advisors. They get a certain percentage of payment in advance for services, whether a position is filled or is vacant. These firms have very profession and skilled professional on their roll to execute high-level searches.

Judge the firm at very first interaction: While encountering a representative from such firm you need to analyse the capacity of that person as well as the organisation to rise to your expectation. Judge whether they are concerned about their fee or your requirement. This way you can analyse how they would develop communication with potential candidates.

Investigate overall experience of the company: Be ensured about the top management of the executive search firm with respect to their experience, exposure to the market and experience. As job hiring is a process that involves good number personal contacts from beginning till end. For a cross check of the contacts you can seek a list of references. The contacts from the list can be called to verify the authentic existence of the firm.

Assess upfront fees: Learn about what the entire charges as wells as fee under different heads and as variable. This helps in bargaining and taking the hiring process to the next level of execution.